A New Space Typology

Toward a More Dynamic Future

The only constant in life is change. Yet our cities are designed for permanence and stasis. Imagine if they were instead geared toward agility and fluidity. For BMW Designworks and Gensler, this idea served as a catalyst to imagine how the intersection of architecture and mobility will shape tomorrow.

Rethinking Urban Experiences

The unresolved questions that cities are wrestling with are considerable: How will we live, work, and commute in the post-COVID world? Can we adapt rapidly to climate change and also address systemic inequalities? What will evolving vehicle technologies and shifting lifestyles mean for the future of mobility.

Given such questions, it's clear that we need to investigate a new spectrum of possibilities for urban living. 

With a focus on working anywhere, hacking mobility infrastructure, and understanding how flexible space and time create fluidity, BMW Designworks and Gensler are outlining the experiences that could redefine how people connect to each other and the urban realm.

Nth Space