Fluid Nodes


What if a city was responsive and fluid instead of static and rigid? Such a city could, for example, respond to health issues in much the way antibodies respond in an organism. Now, imagine if this reactive city was driven by and organized around an adaptable and scalable urban system.

Can you talk to your city the same way you talk to your smart home device?

Can we reshape the way cities operate to enable more fluidity and a greater diversity of lifestyles?

What community services and practices can we reimagine underground to free up space for a more fluid world?

As ownership declines and decentralized services and activities become more prevalent, how can built environments and systems in cities foster socialization?

To create that system, we’re setting aside the traditional master plan and instead thinking in terms of a continuous program or an operating system that facilitates constant change. 

By inventing new components, building upon existing ones, and transforming prevailing paradigms, we look to enable the city to reassemble into infinite states and spur new relationships between people and the built environment.

Conversations With Our Cities

We can redefine the relationship we have with our urban environments by initiating a two-way conversation with them. Imagine the possibilities if we could speak to a city that knows us, is self-aware, and appreciates our contributions to its development.

Concept 1:

Location-based Requests

“Hey, L.A.! I’d like to reserve this area of the park for a gathering.” 

Picture of Park Setting
True View Visuals: Demo

Concept 2:

Augmented Reality Co-planning Platform

“Hey, L.A.! I’m not too sure about this building you're proposing. Have you thought about…” 

Concept 3:

Pop-up Community Events

“Hey, neighbors! How many of you would be interested in an event here sponsored by the L.A. County Museum of Art?” 

Toyota: Woven City

Existing technologies can facilitate interactions that make cities more dynamic and livable.

Concept 4:

On-The-Go That Caters to You

“Hey, neighbors! I’m having the grocery store’s mobile unit stop by our street this evening. Put in your orders by noon if you’re interested!”

Ikea: Farm on Wheels
TetraBIN: Interactive Trash Can

Concept 5:

Interactive Maintenance Systems

“Hey, L.A.! Now that you have an underground waste system, where does this trash go?”

Concept 6:

Dynamic Crosswalks

“Hey, L.A.! Is this the safest and most efficient pedestrian route for my journey?”

People Following Digital Crosswalk Instructions

The Methodology